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  • About Me

    For over 20 years, I’ve been a marketing and business growth advisor to leading technology, finance and consumer products brands. From Procter & Gamble and Unilever, to Disney and Bravo Networks, to Google-funded tech startups, I've helped businesses define their products, reach target markets and grow.


    Two years ago, I created Ready for Launch to help female entrepreneurs make their dreams a reality as a personal passion project -- I love working with women and see their passions grow into profitable and joyful ventures!

The world of a solo entrepreneur is lonely,

Lolita made me feel like I was not alone.


I am thrilled to have made the decision to work with Lolita as my coach and consultant on the launch of my new business venture using her “Ready for Launch” package tailored to new start-ups particularly women. Since I am no marketing expert, it was very important that the launch of my business was successful and a professional approach taken in the marketing strategy, she did just that, going above and beyond every step of the way. The ease at which Lolita grasped my business was impressive, from just an initial less than an hour Zoom meeting, she was able to provide key helpful insights of the market I was about to step into. Lolita coached and advised on my marketing strategy before and after the launch. And now over a year later, she continues to keep in touch, gives me advice and just to see how I'm doing!

Omoniyi Diwa, Dara & Joy

Make 2021 The Year You Become Your Own Boss!

Ready for Launch 2.0 Gets the Idea Out of Your Head and Transforms It Into A Viable Business
You can go at your own pace or get through all the steps - including one-on-one strategy, advice & coaching with me - in 6 weeks. 

Your business could be launched and making money by February!

You'll Learn:

  • How to Plan & Setup Your Business for Success

    Questions to ask yourself to refine your idea, competitive analysis, defining your target market & the essential items you need for launch, and what you can add on as you grow.

  • Your Brand

    How to craft the words, stories and messages that define your brand and the way you'll use them with your customers for create brand connection and long-term loyalty.

  • Your Digital Footprint

    How to get your website setup, the best tools to use, setting up your social media accounts the right way, planning your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and content marketing calendar, and how to build an email list that generates sales.

To make sure all participants are successful, each session is open to the first 100 Entrepreneurs only.
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